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Lower Greenville’s New ‘Redneck’ Barbecue Destination Lands This Month [Updated]

Award-winning pitmaster Will Fleischman will man the pits

Payton Potter/EDFW

Louie King BBQ will soon debut its “redneck, double-wide, trailer park barbecue” on Lower Greenville.

The restaurant at 1916 Greenville Avenue will start serving smoked meats from renowned pitmaster Will Fleischman sometime this month. It takes over the space occupied for years by stalwart chowder house Daddy Jack’s, and still preserves some of its predecessor’s decor, including a lobster mosaic. The restaurant is situated next door to Leela’s and ABV Establishment, both owned by the same partners behind Louie King BBQ.

Before manning the pits at Louie King, Fleischman spent time at Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District, then penned a barbecue-focused cookbook aptly titled Smoking Meat. Now, he’s getting ready to serve what he calls “redneck, double-wide, trailer park barbecue” to Lower Greenville’s diners.

Fleischman will employ a custom-built smoker from A.N. Bewley to smoke Akaushi briskets, turkey breast, St. Louis-style spare ribs, hot links, and rabbit sliders. On the side, look for dishes like “Meemaw’s Freezer Slaw,” an Italian riff on cole slaw, along with typical barbecue accompaniments like charro beans, mac and cheese, and potato salad. “We’re really all about hand-crafting everything we do, and I think that’s a part of a now reemerging tradition of the chef as a craftsman.” he said. “It’s building things with your own hands, not using prepared products.”

Of course, barbecue must be paired with beer, and the brews on offer at Louie King will be the cheapest possible, or as Fleischman calls them, “trash beers.” A selection of 24-ounce tall boys (think Miller Lite, Coors Original, and Shiner) will dominate the menu, along with $2 Lone Stars.

When Louie King opens, it will begin operations at 11 a.m. daily and close when the restaurant runs out of food to serve.

Update 10/8/18, 3:48 p.m.: Louie King’s opening date was originally scheduled for today, but has been delayed due to final inspections. Stay tuned for its updated opening date.