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A New Mediterranean Restaurant Brings Chocolate Hummus to Casa Linda

Maya Modern Mediterranean is now quietly open

This is just regular hummus, but chocolate is an option

Next week, Maya Modern Mediterranean officially brings a healthy hummus haven to Casa Linda Plaza.

The restaurant is a project of Russell Birk, the restaurateur behind Woodlands American Grill in North Dallas, and will open at 9540 Garland Road next Tuesday. The space, which formerly housed Cajun restaurant Alligator Cafe, has been revamped by designer Gary Buckner, who developed the look for Dallas eateries Toasted and Dallas Grilled Cheese Company,

Maya is designed to be both an approachable Mediterranean restaurant and family-friendly dining destination. “You won’t need to know the food by some of its more cultural names to try it and instead can focus on the ingredients and what’s good about it,” Birk tells Eater. “We think you and your family will want to eat here every day and not just when you are in the mood for some cultural niche.”

As far as the food is concerned, diners can look forward to a menu of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean classics, including hand-rolled beef kebabs and plenty of hummus. The restaurant will even do dessert riffs on hummus, including a Nutella hummus that Birk’s been hard at work perfecting, chocolate hummus, and peanut butter hummus. “Chickpeas, the primary ingredient in hummus, are packed with nutrients and will take on the flavor of whatever you blend them with so why not chocolate,” he says.

Maya is open for limited hours this week, and the doors officially kick open for full operating hours on Tuesday, October 9.