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Truck Yard Acquires a Toilet Seat Museum for Its Forthcoming Location

Drinkers can admire artistically adorned seats in The Colony

Customers sit at wooden picnic tables on a dirt patio at Truck Yard in Lower Greenville. To the left is a silver Airstream with a red sign reading “bar” and to the right is a red food truck called The Crazy Pig Truck Yard

Truck Yard, the beloved Lowest Greenville spot for outdoor drinks and eats, has just acquired for its upcoming location a massive museum collection of.... toilet seats.

That’s correct, San Antonio’s famed toilet seat museum will be housed at Truck Yard’s forthcoming location in The Colony, according to the Dallas Morning News. 97-year-old artist and retired master plumber Barney Smith began adorning toilet seats with feathers, antlers, and household objects around 70 years ago in his San Antonio home, creating works of art from the ubiquitous household fixture.

Over seven decades, he amassed a collection of 1,400 seat covers, and entertains visitors from all over the world at Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum on site at his house in Alamo Heights. According to the DMN, Smith was willing to sell his museum when he found a buyer to take on the entire collection. Enter Truck Yard — the bar is full of oddities and objets d’art at its Lowest Greenville location, although thousands of toilet seats are a new venture for the brand. Eater has reached out to the bar for comment on its new acquisition.

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Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum.

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