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Three Forthcoming Dallas Restaurants Diners Need to Know About

Revamped ramen, beer and nachos, and healthy fare are en route

Ramen at Ichigoh in Deep Ellum
Ichigoh Ramen Lounge/Facebook
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Dallas is home to literally hundreds of restaurants, and there’s a new spot that opens (practically) every day. Even though December is typically a slow time for openings, plenty of restaurateurs are announcing their plans to bring new establishments to Dallas and beyond in 2019. Here’s three to know about as we head into the new year.

By The Horns Brewery

Prolific restaurateur Jason Boso, the mind behind popular spots like Twisted Root Burger Company and Truck Yard, will get into the beer business next year with a new spot in Mansfield called By The Horns Brewery. Set to open inside an old gas station in the suburb, brewmaster Justin Meyers (an alum of New York’s Paulaner Brewhouse) has created five different German-style brews that will be served on tap.

A restaurant inside the Brewery called Tacos & Avocados will serve nachos, rotisserie chicken, pork tacos, guacamole, and Oaxacan-style cricket tostadas. No opening timeline for By The Horns Brewery has been set just yet, but look for it to debut in early 2019.

Flower Child

On the heels of opening a location in Addison, health-focused Arizona chain Flower Child will bring its third DFW outpost to Uptown. The new restaurant will occupy 4,800 square feet inside the swanky Rosewood Court, along with additional seating on a 1,500 square foot outdoor patio. The same menu of healthy grain bowls, veggie-focused plates, and organic proteins will be on offer, and the location is expected to open sometime in late 2019.

Ichigoh Ramen Lounge

The Deep Ellum ramen restaurant currently known as Tanoshii is getting a significant revamp in 2019. According to GuideLive, the restaurant has been sold to new owners George Itoh and Andy Tam, the latter of whom will serve as chef at the new restaurant, which will be called Ichigoh. Ramen will still be on the menu, though this time with a bigger focus on traditional Japanese techniques and ingredients like noodles imported from Sapporo and aged in cedar boxes, and ramen made with chicken, miso, and vegetable broths.

Tanoshii will stay open as its new owners revamp the space into Ichigoh, though it will close sometime next year for a remodel. Stay tuned for updates.