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An Iconic Guatemalan Bakery Has Arrived in Uptown

San Martin Bakery brings pastelitos, croissants, and so much more

San Martin Bakery/Facebook
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San Martin Bakery, a Guatemalan export known for baking perfect pastries, has officially arrived in Uptown.

Eater first reported San Martin Bakery’s arrival back in May, and the sweet shop’s arrival was delayed several months before its debut this week. Established in Guatemala in 1974, this is the first U.S. location for San Martin Bakery, which currently operates nearly 40 locations in Guatemala and El Salvador. The Dallas outpost was designed by Coeval Studio, who added a “living wall” of ferns to enliven the bakery’s expansive space at 3120 McKinney Avenue.

In Guatemala, San Martin Bakery is best known for its French breads and pastries like savory empanadas, palmeritas (also called palmiers), and flaky pastelitos stuffed with guava and other fillings. Cakes, pies, and cookies are also on the menu, along with a menu of coffee drinks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options (think sandwiches and other cafe-style fare) are also on offer.

San Martin Bakery is now open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.