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This Drake-Inspired Pie Is Perfect for Singles on Valentine’s Day

Eat it alone; sharing is not required

Kessler Pie Co./Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

For folks who plan to spend February 14 cuddled up on the couch alone with a bottle of wine, Kessler Pie Company has introduced the perfect pairing: a savory pie emblazoned with Drake lyrics.

The new pies at the Oak Cliff shop are just the latest creative Kessler Pie Company creation, topped with a lattice crust and then garnished with “I only luv my bed and my mamma.” The dough letters are, of course, inspired by rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s latest hit “God’s Plan.” It’s one of many “text on pies” that the shop will make for its customers, like last year’s “Whoa” pie, also inspired by a Drake jam.

“We wanted to do a more modern twist on Valentine’s desserts with lyrics, and it just kind of blew up,” Miriam Ortega, who’s in charge of the text pies. “We’ve sold out probably three times already. We can’t keep them on the shelf, or even online.” According to Ortega, the most popular flavor is the shop’s savory chicken pot pie, but the lyrics can also be added to apple, apple-cranberry, banana cream, chocolate, and coconut cream pies. “People want the text to pop more,” Ortega says. “So they typically choose the pies that have a full crust on top.”

It’s the pastry world’s version of an expansion of the “Drake on Cake” trend, which peaked back in 2015. Two years ago, bakers were decorating the tops of cakes with Drake lyrics in frosting, but pretty much everyone can agree that pie dough is a superior choice for writing on desserts.

And while this pie is particularly perfect for Valentine’s Day, they’re available year-round at Kessler Pie Company’s brick-and-mortar shop in Oak Cliff.