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Memphis-Style Barbecue Will Soon Arrive In Dallas

The focus is on pulled pork, not brisket

Pulled pork tops literally everything at Corky’s
Corky’s BBQ/Facebook
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Brisket is king in Dallas, but Memphis chain Corky’s BBQ has plans to help the city fall in love with pulled pork.

The 35-year-old chain has partnered with a Houston-based franchisee to bring at least one location of Corky’s BBQ to Dallas in the coming months. No word yet on when or where Corky’s is planning to make its DFW debut, but the metroplex could soon become home to a number of outposts — according to the Memphis Daily News, the chain’s franchise agreement could eventually mean that up to 17 locations of Corky’s could open between Dallas and Houston.

As Eater Houston notes, the key difference between Texas-style barbecue and Memphis-style is the choice of protein, typically pork ribs or shoulders covered in a dry rub and smoked over hickory. Brisket is on offer at Corky’s, but pulled pork is the true star of the menu, appearing in the restaurant’s signature dish, a bowl of spaghetti topped with a giant pile of pulled pork.

Corky’s is set to hit Houston in September, and Dallas is expected to follow shortly after. Stay tuned for more details.