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This Spicy, Noodle-Stuffed Burrito Tastes Just Like A Perfect Bowl of Pho

How the “pho-ritto” at Cris & John in North Dallas is made

Restaurateurs Cristina Mendez and John Pham didn’t set out to confuse everyone’s taste buds, but that’s how it worked out. A few months ago, the duo opened Cris & John, a new Vietnamese street food eatery in North Dallas that serves up one of the city’s most interesting dishes: the phorrito.

In addition to other “Tex-Viet-Mex” fusion dishes like horchata served with tapioca pearls and rice paper quesadillas, the phoritto holds all the flavors of a traditional, steaming bowl of pho inside a giant warm tortilla, and all for $7.

Stuffed with noodles, veggies, beef, and a top-secret sauce, this burrito-pho hybrid is a reason to drive north. Take a step-by-step look at how this vibrantly-flavored dish is made courtesy of Eater photographer Kathy tran.

First, a large flour tortilla is warmed up on the flat top in order to give it enough flexibility to handle all the fillings it will soon hold, including herbs, rice noodles, bean sprouts, and sirloin.

Next, rice noodles are boiled, drained, and mixed with Cris and John’s secret house sauce. While they won’t divulge exactly what’s in it, it closely approximates the meaty savoriness of a good bowl of pho.

Next, the noodles are piled on top of the tortilla. A stack of Korean-style steak, chosen for its crispy seared exterior, follows. Cilantro, basil, sliced jalapenos, and bean sprouts round out the filling.

Next, comes the fold. It’s pretty tricky to get right considering the giant mound of noodles, steak, and herbs inside.

The filled burrito then heads to the skillet, where it’s pan-fried on all sides until perfectly crispy. It’s cut in half, then placed in a paper tray for serving.

The finished burrito is drizzled with squiggles of hoisin sauce and sriracha. Even more herbs gild the lily.


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