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Chef Junior Borges Will Open A Mysterious Knox-Henderson Restaurant

He’s partnering with the owner of Le Bilboquet and Up on Knox

Previously, Borges oversaw the cuisine at the Joule Hotel
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Chef Junior Borges, formerly of Uchi and Mirador, has left his post at the Joule Hotel with plans to open a new Knox-Henderson restaurant.

Borges will team up with restaurateur Stephan Courseau (Le Bilboquet, Up on Knox) for the new eatery, but details on what exactly it will serve and where it will open have not yet been made available. “Stephan and I share the same vision and want to create a restaurant that is refined, yet at the same time approachable, and continues to push Dallas further into the national restaurant scene,” Borges said in a statement.

Borges will also take a supervisory role in the kitchens of Le Bilboquet and Up on Knox. Before his tenure as executive chef at the Joule Hotel, Borges worked in the kitchens of FT33 and Uchi Dallas, the latter of which he parted ways with just a few days after the restaurant earned a five star review from former Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner.

Borges and Courseau’s mysterious new restaurant is currently in development. Stay tuned for more details.