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Zero Degrees’ Mason Jar Mangonadas and Hot Cheetos Elotes Are Taking Over Dallas

Three new locations are opening in Arlington, Fort Worth and Plano

These ridiculous drinks are served in mason jars
Zero Degrees/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Zero Degrees, a California chain known for mason jar mangonadas and other Instagram-worthy snacks, is en route to DFW in a major way.

The chain is currently hiring staff for locations in Plano, at 2301 North Central Expressway, and Arlington, at 1807 North Collins Street, according to a Facebook post. There’s already one outpost of Zero Degrees in DFW — it opened in Frisco back in March. A Fort Worth location, set to arrive this summer, will open at 2421 West 7th Street.

In addition to the mangonadas that the chain touts as its signature offering, Zero Degrees is a major destination for over-the-top desserts and snacks like french fries doused in nacho cheese sauce and topped with crushed Hot Cheetos, ube milkshakes topped with toasted marshmallows and candy, and split cups that allow boba tea drinkers to try two different flavors at once.

The Plano outpost of Zero Degrees is set to arrive in May, with Arlington and Fort Worth following in June, just in time to sip frozen drinks during the hottest temperatures of the year.