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Circo Will Soon Be Dallas’ Most Over-the-Top Restaurant

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After years of delays, the restaurant plans to debut in May


Nearly two years after announcing its planned expansion into Dallas, it appears that Circo will finally debut in Uptown at the end of May.

The spinoff from New York’s now-shuttered Le Cirque will occupy two floors of the new 22-story high rise at 2619 McKinney Avenue, and will feature a resort-style pool and spa along with the restaurant. Former press releases announced that the restaurant would offer drink service in the bathrooms, and the pool? Glass bottomed, y’all.

The Italian-circus-themed Circo is proving to be wholly outlandish. A new press release boasts “monkey-themed appointments” (whatever that means), a white-gloved doorman, and hand-painted truffles. Dishes from Italian-born chef Alfio Longo, who’s been with the brand since 2006, include table-side preparations of six different tartares and select fish and pasta entrees, alongside more pasta dishes, lobster salad, and crème brulee.

Circo is coming to Dallas via a local company, WhiteROC Hospitality Group. This is the same group responsible for Pl8, which opened its Uptown location this spring in Fat Rabbit’s former space at the same intersection as the forthcoming Circo.

Pl8 kicked off a media field day after announcing its opening — mostly because of its ridiculous name and press release that touted the combined eatery and art gallery as a “restaurant-forward concept”. The Dallas Observer followed up with a negative review of the spot after its opening, detailing “lackluster” dishes, a menu that’s “all over the place,” and hypothesizing that the restaurant is suffering a “full-on identity crisis.”

Circo also operates outposts in Las Vegas, Dubai, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The Dallas location is expected to arrive in late May.


2619 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204