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Nick & Sam’s Is Now Serving A Completely Absurd Martini That Costs $10,000

Eat the rich

Nick & Sam’s/Facebook
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Because there aren’t enough ridiculously over-the-top things in Dallas, Nick & Sam’s steakhouse has brought the city its most expensive cocktail, and it will set drinkers back a cool $10,000.

The new stunt cocktail, appropriately dubbed the “Flawless Martini,” isn’t pricey because of its ingredients. Sure, it’s made with Absolut Elyx, a premium vodka priced at around $50 a bottle, and garnished with olives stuffed with blue cheese and Grandeur Regalis caviar. The real cost of this cocktail is in the diamond-encrusted, 14-karat gold swizzle stick in the shape of an ampersand.

That absurdly costly pick is crowned with a 1.05 carat, “flawless” quality diamond. It’s unclear, though, if drinkers actually get to take home the bejeweled swizzle stick or just post about it on Instagram. But, in keeping with the luxurious vibe, the drink is prepared at the table, and served in a delicate copper martini glass.

Considering that the NFL Draft was just in town, it’s possible that some newly-balling athlete has already snapped up all the Flawless Martinis, but Dallasites can hopefully save enough cash to score the cocktail at Nick & Sam’s Uptown location before it disappears.