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Barbecue and Boozy Slushes Will Soon Arrive on Greenville Avenue

Louie King BBQ is taking over the former Daddy Jack’s space

A rendering of Louie King Barbecue
Louie King Barbecue [Official Photo]
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Louie King Barbecue, a new smoked meats spot from the minds behind Greenville Avenue restaurants Feed Company and Leela’s, will soon open its doors.

The new restaurant will take over the space formerly occupied by now-shuttered seafood restaurant Daddy Jack’s at 1916 Greenville Avenue, according to a press release. It’s next door to Leela’s, the growing restaurant group’s second restaurant in the neighborhood, opened earlier this year. As its name might indicate, Louie King will serve up smoked proteins of all kinds, ranging from wagyu briskets to seafood.

Diners will also be able to order whole animals roasted in advance in the restaurant’s custom-built barbecue pit, built in Dallas by A.N. Bewley. Beer, wine, and booze-infused slushes will be on offer to wash down all that meat.

Serious barbecue enthusiasts can even have their own stake in Louie King Barbecue, which is currently seeking investors via NextSeed, a platform that crowdsources restaurant investors. Owners Patrick Bruce and Sameer Patel used the platform to fund the opening of Leela’s, and say that it has been successful for them. “ “Since opening last month, we’ve had people from around the neighborhood come in who said they invested in our project,” Patel said in a statement.

Louie King Barbecue is expected to debut in August 2018. Stay tuned for more details on this restaurant’s arrival.