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Nitrogen-Frozen Ice Cream Shop Will Blanket Dallas With Creamy Frozen Treats

California-based Cauldron Ice Cream is en route

Courtesy Cauldron Ice Cream

Nitrogen-frozen ice cream is a relatively new fad in Dallas, but newcomer Cauldron Ice Cream plans to throw the trend into full tilt by debuting six Dallas-area outposts over the next six years.

The franchise, which calls itself the home of the “OG Puffle,” or a bubble waffle cone that acts as an ice cream receptacle, already operates multiple outposts in Southern California and Toronto after opening in 2015.

Stores serving nitrogen-frozen ice cream, like Creamistry, which opened in Addison last fall, claim that the method creates smaller ice crystals for a smoother finish than found in traditional ice creams. Cauldron takes it a step further by fashioning theirs into either rose-shaped or traditional scoops.

“Choosing to become part of the Cauldron Ice Cream team was not a very difficult decision. The quality, taste, and concept is beyond what we have seen or experienced in the DFW Metroplex,” local franchise owner, Masaish LLC, said in a statement.

Stay tuned for more info about exactly when and where the first Cauldron Ice Cream will debut its nitrogen ice cream-filled bubble cones locally.