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Plano’s Getting a New Matcha Tea Shop

Meccha Matcha will offer soft serve and much more

Meccha Matcha/Facebook

Obsessed with all things matcha? A new shop in Plano is going to be stirring the vibrant green superfood powder into all sorts of drinks and desserts.

Meccha Matcha will open at 2001 Coit Road in Plano, serving up matcha soft serve, matcha parfait, matcha drinks, and matcha sundaes. That’s a lot of matcha.

Meccha Matcha wrote in a recent Facebook post:

Meccha, pronounced “met-cha” in Japanese, is used as an intensifier to mean super or very. In this case, we used the meaning super to form Meccha Matcha!

We are a premium matcha-centric tea shop. Our matcha is carefully handpicked, sourced directly from our tea farm in Uji, Japan. All of our super ingredients are selected to ensure a quality taste without artificial flavors, colors, or additives

Meccha Matcha is striving to open by mid-June, a rep from the tea shop told Eater.