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Sprawling Restaurant and Music Venue Big Beat Dallas Barely Made It Two Months

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The food and music destination has shuttered

Big Beat Dallas/FB
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Less than eight weeks after opening its doors in Irving, restaurant and music-focused development Big Beat Dallas is closed.

Owner Billy Bob Barnett announced the shutter in an email sent to employees yesterday and obtained by Eater. “We have been advised by our attorneys that we should discontinue our business operations as a result of the inability to operate with any efficiency,” the message from Barnett reads in part. The bar shut down at midnight on Tuesday, and Barnett blames everything from a “lack of parking efficiencies” to interference from his landlord at the Irving property for its closure.

As Eater reported back in January, the sprawling, 90,000 square foot venue was home to five different venues, each promising unique fare and live music every single night of the week. The spot’s big draw was its unique liquor license, which would allow for patrons to take their cocktails from restaurant to restaurant throughout the venue.

Barnett’s email to staff also indicates that Big Beat Dallas could be resurrected in the near future. “[I] hope to once again renew operations in a more business conducive environment sometime in the very near future,” he wrote.