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Get an Omelet in an Underground Art Bunker This Sunday Only

Choose from a long list of ingredients, then watch as omelets are prepped in the “Culture Hole”

Why pay for an omelet when you can get one for free?
Vital Proteins/Facebook

Listen up, adventurous eaters: this Sunday only, snag a made-to-order omelet in an underground bunker, free of charge.

The one-day pop-up at 3816 Commerce St. could be considered an edible art project by local artist Shelby David Meier, who is “fascinated by food,” the Dallas Observer reports. The event will be taking place underneath the Power Station art gallery in Expo Park in the concrete-lined crawl space that’s been home to various experimental art installations (and in one slightly disturbing instance, a dead stuffed animal). Eater imagines that Meier dreamt up the custom omelet bar complete with coffee and mimosas as a study on human interactions when food is present — the cramped crawl space appropriately called “Culture Hole” can hold no more than four people, making it as claustrophobia-inducing as a food service station could be.

As far as why he picked omelets instead of another type of food: “The concept is more centered around the idea of an omelet bar as an object. Not just the end result of an omelet, but all of the processes that entail the omelet bar experience,” Meier told Eater of the laborious process. The event’s Facebook page details ingredients that diners can add-in — a hearty list that gives any self-respecting omelet bar a run for its money, including green onion, ham, mushroom, bacon, tomato, bell pepper, jalapeño, spinach, and of course, lots of cheese.

The pop-up is taking place this Sunday, June 3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 3816 Commerce St. Perhaps because this is considered art and not typical food service, omelets are technically free, but tips are appreciated.