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NYC’s BingBox Snow Cream Co. Opens Next Week in Dallas

Each spoonful of the Korean treat is supposed to taste like “just-fallen snow”

Bingbox Snow Cream/Facebook

An incredibly colorful new dessert spot is opening in Dallas next week. New York City’s BingBox Snow Cream Co. is opening in Trinity Groves at 340 Singleton Blvd. Suite 107 on June 15. The specialty here is Korean shaved ice or bingsu, which is designed to have the texture of “just-fallen snow,” according to a press release.

The ice base is made with ingredients like mango, matcha, taro, and low-fat milk, with choices like Matcha Bing (red bean, mochi), Thai Tea Bing (lychee, rainbow jelly), Strawberry Bing (fresh berries, banana), and Mango Bing (lychee, granola). Then customers can throw on mochi, Fruity Pebbles, and fresh fruit toppings.

In addition to bingsu, Bingbox Snow Cream Co. will also serve soft serve in waffle bowls and cones, along with milkshakes and fruit smoothies. You can even put those toppings on milkshakes too, which means there are a lot of options here.