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Le Bilboquet Owner Plots Bodega and Brazilian-Influenced Eatery For Knox Street

Brazilian chef Junior Borges will helm the eatery in Villa-O’s former space


After announcing that Chef Junior Borges and Stephan Courseau of Le Bilboquet and Up On Knox would be opening a new restaurant, the minds behind the as-yet-unnamed project have announced that they will combine a restaurant and bodega that draw from Borges’ Brazilian roots.

The forthcoming eatery will open right next to Le Bilboquet in the former Villa O space at 4514 Travis Street early next year. The interiors will be completely gutted and remodeled by Brooklyn-based Rustam-Marc Mehta and Tal Schori of GRT Architects. As far as food is concerned, Borges and Courseau are sourcing ingredients for their meat-centric menu, like grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, from an East Texas ranch. With a focus on farm-to-table ingredients, the pair will also be sourcing veggies locally.

The neighboring market will offer produce, a butchery, and grab-and-go items like paninis, salads, and rotisserie chicken pervasive in the bodegas of Borges’ hometown, Rio de Janiero. “I grew up with these bodegas, or ‘botecos’ as we call them in Brazil, everywhere—we called them TV for dogs,” he explained of the rotisseries in a press release. “The dogs would sit in front of the windows, mesmerized!”

According to Courseau, the restaurant will be a dinner destination while the farm shop will offer an “opportunity for people to buy the same grass-fed beef or seasonal vegetables we will use in all three restaurants.” The pair are following in the footsteps of other popular restaurant-butcher shop concepts like Marlow & Sons in New York, Gwen in Los Angeles, and Cochon Butcher in New Orleans, plus newly opened Houston export B&B Butcher & Restaurant in Fort Worth and forthcoming Local Yocal butchery, market, and restaurant in McKinney.

Prior to this new venture, Borges took on a supervisory role at Le Bilboquet and Up On Knox after leaving his post as executive chef at the Joule Hotel. Before that, Borges worked in the kitchens of FT33 and Uchi Dallas.

Stay tuned as Courseau and Borges release more details on the forthcoming restaurant’s name and official opening dates for both spots.