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Matcha-Obsessed Dessert Destination Debuts in Plano

Get parfaits, soft serve, floats and more at Meccha Matcha

Thi Q./Yelp

Matcha-obsessed tea shop Meccha Matcha has debuted in Plano, and they’re spiking everything from ice cream to lattes with the vibrant powdered green tea.

Eater previously reported that the shop would open mid-June at 2001 Coit Road, and it appears that it’s officially arrived as of this week. The Japanese teahouse-inspired interior is flanked by wood paneling, bamboo wall hangings, and a mural featuring traditional Japanese architecture. Meccha Matcha joins a growing list of matcha-focused sweet shops in DFW, and as the northern suburbs continue to expand, more matcha eateries are popping up there, specifically.

The name Meccha Matcha (pronounced “met-cha) means “super” or “very” in Japanese and is not to be confused with “Mecca.” The shop serves no less than 8 matcha-infused items including soft serve, floats, lattes, tea, shaved ice, smoothies, ice cream, and parfaits. Diners who snag a parfait can expect ingredients like matcha soft serve, granola, red beans, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, plus matcha jelly, mochi balls, and matcha chocolate made in-house.

Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.; and Friday and Saturday until 12 a.m.