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Trailercakes Finds a New Home at Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff

Pastry chef Samantha Rush has just bought the cupcake business


After cupcake bakery Trailercakes lost its lease last month, Oak Cliff pastry shop Rush Patisserie is taking over the business.

A host of problems with Trailercakes’ landlord lead to its ousting from its Knox-Henderson outpost. Owner Heather Zidell said she was searching for a new location, but decided selling her cupcake business was ultimately the better route. “It was a lot, between fighting with the landlords and not having bakery production experience,” Zidell tells Eater. “Operating Trailercakes was a great experience, but I’m happy to have a break.”

Both brands will remain distinct but will operate out of Rush Patisserie’s current location in North Oak Cliff at 1201 El Dorado Avenue, with updated signage touting both businesses, owner Samantha Rush tells Eater. Rush hadn’t been looking to assume a cupcakery, but the opportunity fell into her lap when Zidell came to her with the news of Trailercakes closure. “If you asked me two months ago if I would have been doing this, I would have said, ‘Are you kidding me?’” Rush relates.

The Le Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef has run a mostly custom-order cake and pastry business from her Oak Cliff outpost, but will now have a more retail-centric shop with daily operating hours starting in mid-June (except for Mondays). She’ll also be operating Trailercakes’ Airstream trailer, named “Bubbles,” for large-scale catered events. “I’m very excited about getting into the [cupcake] market,” Rush tells Eater. “It’s a different flow for us, but I’m excited — it’s a little bit more of a fun item.”

“Trailercakes lends itself to someone like Samantha who does understand production,” Zidell assures. “It’s bittersweet for me — sad because I absolutely love the people I’ve met over the years, our customers became family, but the sweet part is I know they’re in good hands.”

Stay tuned for Trailercakes’ official opening date this summer at 1201 El Dorado Avenue and updated hours of operation.