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Shell Shack is Moving to Henderson Ave. Soon

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The new spot will have more seating than its former Uptown location, and more parking too

Shell Shack/Facebook

There’s an opening date for Shell Shack’s Henderson Avenue location, which promises to be bigger and better than the boiled seafood destination’s original outpost in Uptown.

Shell Shack will make the move from Uptown to its new home at 2326 N Henderson Avenue (the former Mellow Mushroom space) on June 21. The new Henderson Avenue Shell Shack will serve the same fresh crabs, oysters, shrimp, catfish and more, but there will be more space for interior seating, along with a patio — and more parking spaces than the Uptown location.

Once Shell Shack is open on Henderson Avenue, Poke Go Go will move into its old building on Uptown at 2916 McKinney Avenue. Poke Go Go’s menu will be stocked with raw bowls (what else).