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A Massively Popular Ramen and Yakitori Pop-Up Is Getting a Permanent Home

Chef Justin Holt will open Salaryman in Oak Cliff

A bowl of ramen garnished with char siu, corn, chopped scallions, and chili oil
Bowls of tonkatsu await
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Chef Justin Holt, best known for his ramen pop-ups and work at beloved Dallas Italian restaurant Lucia, is planning to open a Japanese restaurant.

A Facebook page for Salaryman indicates that it will open at 287 North Bishop Avenue, next door to Lucia spinoff Macellaio, in the coming months. It’s a permanent stop for Holt’s obsession with Japanese cooking, honed at popular pop-ups held across the city, where his bowls of ramen and grilled, skewered meats were frequently met with sell-out crowds.

At this point, Holt tells Eater that he’s not willing to dish more details about what the restaurant will serve, but a peek through the restaurant’s social media indicates that it will be home to a charcoal-fired grill for grilling yakitori (and other meaty skewers) over binchotan charcoal. Holt’s ramen will also likely be on offer, including a tonkotsu bowl served with “low-hydration, alkaline noodles,” sour corn, cabbage, and chicken.

An opening timeline for Salaryman has not yet been announced, but noodle enthusiasts can expect for it to debut sometime in the next couple of months. In the meantime, though, diners can get a sneak peek when the restaurant (briefly) opens its doors for a preview during the Bishop Arts District’s Bastille Day festivities on July 14.