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Taiwanese Shaved Ice and Dessert Soups Are Headed to Plano

Look for BlackBall Taiwan to land later this year


BlackBall Taiwan, a new sweets shop specializing dessert soups and shaved ice, is headed to Plano for one of its first state-side locations.

The eatery will debut at 100 Legacy Drive in the same shopping center as Kura Revolving Sushi and Mitsuwa Marketplace, reports CultureMap. While the word “blackball” may carry negative connotations in the U.S., the shop’s name most likely comes from either the black boba pearls in its drinks or the black jelly also known as “grass jelly” or “leaf jelly” made from a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia that forms the base for its signature desserts.

Here, diners can get a whole bowl of grass jelly topped with boba, mochi, red beans, taro, and sweet potato, or opt for a more traditional crushed ice finished with the above ingredients. For a different experience, the shop offers hot dessert soups like one with a read bean base floated with sweet potato balls. The shop has dozens of dessert and drink options, many with a matcha twist, plus teas made with decidedly Asian ingredients like the “wintermelon” infused drink.

BlackBall Taiwan is expected to make its debut this fall. Stay tuned for an official opening date.