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Try a Ghost Pepper Cider at Deep Ellum’s First Cidery Opening Next Month

It’s so spicy drinkers have to sign waiver first, says Trinity Cider

Trinity Cider/Facebook

Trinity Cider, Deep Ellum’s first brewery devoted to hard apple ciders, will open its doors in late August right next to Pecan Lodge.

The forthcoming cider house at 2656 Main Street, Suite 120 is almost done with construction, its ownership team tells Eater, and the tanks holding their crisp fizzy ciders are already in place behind the bar. “We wanted them to be visible so customers have a chance to see and smell the fermenting process in action,” says co-owner and head ciderist Josh Price. The bar will feature industrial touches, including exposed Edison bulbs, and there will be table and chair seating for 30 inside with another 20 seats in the covered courtyard.

As far as ciders go, they’ll have six flavors at first, and six more will roll out in the coming months as the team narrows down the selection from their 20 best brews. Some upcoming offerings include a peach-infused flavor, along with a slightly vinegary balsamic pomegranate cider. There will also be a sugar and gluten-free option that is “completely dry” and will taste like champagne but with an apple finish. For daring drinkers, Price dreamt up a ghost pepper-infused blend spicy enough that patrons must sign a waiver before trying it. The good news is that it can be cut with Trinity’s regular cider to tone down the spice.

A Midland native and former winemaker in Napa, Price came back to Texas to launch this brewery with his partners. Although his career has taken place in the wine industry, Price was making small-batch ciders at home. He says the fermentation process for white wine is basically the same as for ciders, except that the apple-based brews offer more flexibility. “This gives me a chance to be a little more creative,” he said.

Trinity Cider is aiming to open the fourth week of August. The owners still need to buy some remaining equipment and glassware, which they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for. Stay tuned for Trinity Cider’s official opening date as its Deep Ellum debut draws near.