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Soft Serve Crowned With Edible Gold Is En Route to Dallas

Japanese chain Nobibi tops its cones with plenty of over-the-top ingredients

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Nobibi, a Japanese-inspired ice cream chain known for its over-the-top garnishes, will bring its fancified soft-serve to Dallas.

An update to the chain’s website indicates that it has plans to expand into Dallas, though no location has been announced just yet. The chain currently operates a location in Los Angeles, and it is the definition of extra. As Eater Austin reports, the L.A. outpost is painted in millennial pink and decorated with trendy cacti, giant stuffed animals, a ball pit, and plush sofas. Essentially, it’s a playground for Instagram-obsessed adults.

The ice cream at Nobibi appears to mostly be all about the garnishes, which range from a halo of cotton candy wrapped around ice cream cones that are dyed black to a small sheet of edible gold draped over swirls of soft serve. Blended drinks, teas, and other sweet options will also likely be among the offerings.

No word yet on when Nobibi is expected to shower Dallas in cotton candy and edible gold. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, feast your eyes on the kawaii that is en route.