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Japanese Chain Beard Papa’s Ice Cream Stuffed Cream Puffs Are En Route to Plano

The chain also has a Frisco outpost in the works

Beard Papa’s/Facebook
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Beard Papa’s, a Japanese chain known for its custard-filled cream puffs, will open a second DFW location in Plano.

As Eater reported back in June, Beard Papa’s is currently plotting an outpost in Frisco that is expected to open soon, and signage is up at a second location at 2301 North Central Expressway. The global chain, which operates more than 500 outposts around the world, is clearly making its presence known in Texas. In addition to the two Dallas addresses, Beard Papa’s is also opening two locations in Houston.

Known for its light, fluffy cream puffs in flavors like matcha and honey butter, Beard Papa’s treats are pretty much all filled with custard and glazed with sweet icing. Paris-Brest (a circular, custard-filled pastry) are also on the menu, along with cream puff ice cream sandwiches and a selection of beverages.

Beard Papa’s has not yet announced when it will open in Plano or Frisco. Stay tuned for more details on this beloved chain’s DFW arrival.