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Nitrogen-Frozen Ice Cream and Bubble Cones Head to Knox Street

Cauldron Ice Cream plans to bring six locations to DFW

Cauldron Ice Cream/Facebook
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Cauldron Ice Cream, a growing chain known for freezing its sweets with liquid nitrogen, will open its first DFW outpost on Knox Street.

The ice cream spot is headed to 3001 Knox, and will be the first of at least six Cauldron Ice Cream shops in the DFW area. Based in California, Cauldron Ice Cream currently has four locations open there, and plans to expand massively in the next couple of years, with outposts planned for Orange County, Toronto, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Cauldron Ice Cream’s wares are frozen right in front of diners’ eyes, and can be made in a bevy of sophisticated flavors, including Earl Grey-lavender, cereal milk, and rose. The freshly-frozen scoops can be served in a basic cup or the “OG Puffle Cone,” an egg waffle inspired by the popular Hong Kong street snack.

Cauldron is, of course, not the only quick-freeze ice cream chain that’s set its sights on DFW. Earlier this year, Creamistry opened its first location at Addison’s Village on the Parkway, and crowds have flocked to watch the clouds of liquid nitrogen fog billowing out of the stand mixers used to make the ice cream.

Cauldron Ice Cream hasn’t announced an opening timeline just yet, but stay tuned for more details.