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Dallas’ Most Anticipated New Restaurants, Fall 2018

The most exciting new eateries expected to arrive before the end of the year

A bowl of ramen garnished with char siu, corn, chopped scallions, and chili oil
Noodles await at Salaryman Oak Cliff
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It’s still going to be hot in Dallas for a while, but fall is definitely right around the corner. Along with the (slightly) cooler temperatures and the return of football, diners in Dallas have plenty to look forward to as we head into the year’s coolest months.

From Chef Matt McCallister’s new project Homewood to an Italian restaurant that will boast its own pool, keep tabs on these five Dallas restaurants, all expected to open before the end of 2018.


A rendering of Homewood’s interior
Courtesy Design Hound
  • Who: Chef Matt McCallister, formerly of now-shuttered restaurants FT33 and Filament
  • What: McCallister is mostly keeping tight-lipped on his new restaurant Homewood, which will be Oak Lawn’s newest neighborhood restaurant when it debuts later this year. Expect the same commitment to local produce, fermented ingredients, and plenty of meats cooked on an open-fire grill.
  • Where: 4002 Oak Lawn Avenue, in the space formerly occupied by Beck’s Prime
  • When: Late 2018

Hillside Tavern

Bradley Anderson, Nathan Tate, and Brooks Anderson
Lori Bandi/EDFW
  • Who: Brooks Anderson, Bradley Anderson, and chef Nathan Tate, the team behind beloved spots Rapscallion and Boulevardier.
  • What: Also in the “neighborhood restaurant” category, Hillside Tavern will showcase Tate’s impeccable treatment of ingredients in a casual, welcoming space.
  • Where: Inside the Hillside Village Shopping Center at the corner of Abrams and Mockingbird in Lakewood.
  • When: Co-owner Brooks Anderson wasn’t ready to confirm an opening date for Hillside Tavern yet, but we’d expect for it to arrive sometime in late 2018 or early 2019.

Salaryman Oak Cliff

Spicy miso ramen
  • Who: Lucia sous chef Justin Holt, known for his popular ramen pop-ups
  • What: Holt is finally making his massively-popular ramen pop-ups permanent with Salaryman, a brand new noodle shop in the Bishop Arts District. Holt is currently testing a variety of inventive preserved ingredients (think freshly-pickled veggies and housemade vinegars) that will top bowls of spicy miso ramen, tsukemen (a ramen dish where the broth and noodles are served separately), and other exciting bowls of broth.
  • Where: 287 North Bishop Avenue, right next to Macellaio
  • When: Before the end of 2018.

As-Yet-Unnamed Brazilian Restaurant in Knox-Henderson

  • Who: Chef Junior Borges, formerly of the Joule Hotel and FT33, and Stephan Courseau, the restaurateur behind Le Bilboquet and Up on Knox.
  • What: Equal parts restaurant and bodega, this Knox-Henderson restaurant still doesn’t have a name. Still, diners can look forward to a meat-centric menu featuring proteins sourced from East Texas ranches and vegetables from local purveyors. The next door bodega will serve rotisserie chicken, panini, salad, and more grab-and-go options.
  • Where: 4514 Travis Street, in the space formerly occupied by Villa O.
  • When: An opening date is still TBD.

San Martin Bakery & Restaurant

San Martin Bakery/Facebook
  • Who: An iconic Guatemalan bakery.
  • What: Founded in 1974, San Martin Bakery has been serving pastelitos, empanadas, palmeritas, and French breads for decades. In Guatemala and El Salvador, more than 40 locations of the chain are open. Dallas will be the first in the U.S.
  • Where: 3120 McKinney Avenue
  • When: The chain is still finalizing an opening date. Expect it to arrive sometime in early fall.


A rendering of Circo in Uptown
  • Who: WhiteROC Hospitality, a local group with ties to the Maccioni family in New York City, which opened the original Circo in 1996.
  • What: A completely over-the-top Italian restaurant with a glass-bottom pool, Circo has been in the works in Dallas for years. Its owners have announced multiple opening timelines for the restaurant, all of which have been pushed back. Circo was originally expected to arrive in 2017, then its opening was delayed several times in 2018.
  • Where: 2619 McKinney Avenue
  • When: It’s possible that this opening date could get delayed again, but the restaurant is currently taking reservations starting September 13.