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A Denver Wine Bar That Sells Canned Wines Heads to Deep Ellum

It’s called The Infinite Monkey Theorem, but the ridiculous name has a backstory

The Infinite Monkey Theorem/Facebook

A new wine bar from Denver is headed to Deep Ellum called The Infinite Monkey Theorem, a moniker which sounds completely ridiculous but is actually named after a little-known math theorem.

According to an application filed with TABC, the winemaker and taproom will open at 2816 Main Street directly across the street from Trick Pony and Harlowe MXM. It’ll be the fourth location for the bar, following its original outpost in Denver, a second outpost in Austin, and a current location in the works for Fort Collins, according to CultureMap. The Dallas location will debut in mid to late 2019.

The business got its name from the mathematical theorem because growing grapes at 4,500 feet in Colorado is “all about creating order out of a chaotic system,” according to the company’s website. Monkey Theorem makes its wine in a 15,000-square foot urban winery in Denver and a 6,000 square foot urban winery in Austin with grapes grown in Colorado and Texas. Reds like merlot, cabernet franc, and malbec are on offer, plus rosé, chardonnay, a Texas chenin blanc, and ciders — even in a can — one of Monkey Theorem’s claims to fame.

Stay tuned for The Infinite Monkey Theorem’s official Dallas opening date and more information on what drinkers can find inside its Deep Ellum location.