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State Fair of Texas’s Wacky New Food Options Will Include Kool-Aid Pickle Sangrias

See deep fried pico de gallo and so much more

Photos: State Fair of Texas®

The 2018 State Fair of Texas is fast approaching, and news is still breaking about ridiculous deep-fried delicacies and absurd mashups that will grace the fair this year. Eater’s already reported about cotton candy tacos and deep-fried arroz con leche, and now here’s a list of additional all-new foods that will be served at this year’s event alongside State Fair classics. Here are five stand-out food and drinks fairgoers can try when the State Fair of Texas officially kicks off on September 28.

Pickle Juice Kool-Aid Sangria: This drink improbably combines fruit punch-flavored Kool-Aid with a pickle juice recipe, white wine, and lemon-lime soda — garnished with a Kool-Aid soaked pickle spear.

Pico Frito (Deep Fried Pico de Gallo): Put pico de gallo (tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and jalapenos) in an egg roll, deep fry it, then serve with cilantro sauce.

Fried Cup of Corn “Elotes:” Traditional elotes get the pastry treatment with this fried delicacy. The fried corn is embellished with Mexican cheeses and served with a side of corn dip.

Supra Stuffed Mini Sopapillas: Three mini sopapillas are injected with strawberry cream cheese filling, then dusted with cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with honey.

Orange Julia’s Beermosa: Champagne flavored with orange Pixy Stix, Blue Moon beer, and vanilla ice cream get stirred up in this creamy frozen cocktail, served in a Pixy Stix-rimmed cup and with a Pixy Stix plastic straw.

Scope out all the new fair food here, including fruity dessert nachos, bacon brittle, corn dog ale (which is exactly like it sounds, as in beer designed to evoke the flavors of a corn dog).