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Rose Shaped Gelato Heads to Plano’s Legacy West

It’s the second area outpost for Amorino Gelato


Amorino Gelato, an Italian creamery known for its cones of rose-shaped gelato, will soon open its third Texas outpost at the bustling Legacy West development.

Amorino first made its Texas debut in the upscale River Oaks district of Houston, followed by an outpost in Fort Worth’s Shops at Clearfork early this year. The newest arrival will open at 7700 Windrose Avenue from local franchisee German Rodriguez, who also owns the Fort Worth location. Amorino has built a brand on gelato made from whole milk and fresh fruit, free from artificial ingredients. It’s apparently been incredibly successful as the brand now operates outposts across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Africa, even opening shop on some of the tiny islands dotting Africa’s coasts.

About two dozen flavor options can be crafted into a rose shape and finished with a macaron. Flavors include hazelnut, passionfruit, melon, caramel, chocolate, and raspberry to name a few. Options also come in vegan varieties, plus there are milkshakes and sorbet drinks on offer.

Amorino’s Plano location is currently under construction with an estimated opening of early December. Stay tuned for its official debut date and hours of operation.