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Clubby Uptown Restaurant Pazzo Shutters Abruptly

The landlord changed the locks

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Pazzo Uptown/Facebook
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About nine months after opening in Uptown, clubby Italian restaurant Pazzo has shuttered.

The restaurant’s landlord at 2680 Cedar Springs Drive is reportedly seeking “one or more” months of unpaid rent, and the locks on the doors have been changed, according to GuideLive. Pazzo’s social media accounts have been deleted from Instagram and Facebook, and its owners have not yet issued a statement on the restaurant’s closure.

Pazzo opened in January, and offerings like a Jersey Shore-inspired cocktail and brunch made it seem like a solid fit for the party-friendly neighborhood. Recent Yelp reviews of the restaurant indicate that the last couple of months were pretty hit-or-miss for diners, with reviewers describing the food as “the worst ever” and “embarrassing,” along with plenty of complaints about “abysmal” service.

Stay tuned for what will take over the space just vacated by Pazzo.