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Biscuit Sandwiches Are En Route to the Park Cities

The Biscuit Bar will open its second DFW location

The Biscuit Bar/Facebook
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The Biscuit Bar, a Plano restaurant known for sandwiches served on its namesake bread, will expand to a second location in Dallas proper.

The restaurant has secured a space at 6501 Hillcrest Avenue for its biscuit sandwiches and crowd-friendly cocktails, according to a press release. The original Biscuit Bar debuted earlier this year at Plano’s Boardwalk at Granite Park development, where it’s attracted healthy crowds thanks to a family-friendly space and massive biscuit sandwiches topped with fried chicken, pulled pork, and more.

Diners can look forward to the same menu of biscuit sandwiches and tater tots that’s available in Plano, including the “chicken and not-a-waffle,” which involves pan-fried French toast biscuits that are topped with fried chicken and whipped cream. Cocktails like the Southern Tea will also be on offer, mixed with grapefruit vodka and peach liqueur.

The Biscuit Bar will land in Dallas in early 2019. Stay tuned for an official opening date.