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Stephan Pyles Resurrects Stampede 66 in Allen

Get ready for honey fried chicken in a new location

Stampede 66/Facebook

Stephan Pyles’ stalwart Stampede 66 has officially opened in its new Allen home after shuttering its Uptown outpost rather abruptly in October presumably due to flagging attendance.

The restaurant is now open at 777 Watters Creek Boulevard in a hotel that could likely set a record for the world’s longest hotel name: Delta Hotels By Marriott Dallas Allen & Watters Creek Convention Center. According to GuideLive, about 90 percent of the menu made the trek north from the Uptown location, including Shiner Bock beer bread, honey-fried chicken, mashed potato tots, chicken-fried buffalo steak, chili pie and more.

Pyles appears to be hopeful that Allen is a better fit for Stampede 66 than Uptown — there’s a dearth of decent restaurants up north. His Uptown outpost shuttered just weeks after revamping its cocktail menu, and Pyles released a statement blaming a saturation of restaurants, nearby construction, and vacant real estate as the reasons that made it hard for him to do business there. According to Pyles, though, developers in Collin County had been asking him to move north for quite some time.