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Chef John Tesar Will Sell $1 Burgers to Workers Impacted by the Government Shutdown

Two locations of Knife Burger will serve deeply-discounted Ozerskys until the shutdown is over

The Ozersky burger at Knife
Knife [Official Photo]
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

As the government shutdown continues on without an end in sight, chef John Tesar’s Knife Burger will offer a deep discount on its most popular offering to employees impacted by the shutdown.

The Knife Burger outposts at the Shops at Willow Bend and Fort Worth’s Food Hall at Crockett Row will sling Tesar’s famous Ozersky burger for just $1 to any employee that can produce an “official form of federal government employee identification.” Weirdly, Knife Burger’s first outpost at Plano food hall Legacy Hall will not participate in the offer.

The offer is available throughout the end of the shutdown, and considering Trump’s unwillingness to budge unless Democrats agree to fund the $5.7 billion border wall, Tesar could end up selling a whole lot of dollar Ozerskys before it’s all said and done. Tesar, a vocal Trump critic, frequently uses his Twitter account to slam the president. On January 12, Tesar tweeted that Trump should “resign in shame,” and before that, described him as a “narcissist misogynistic lying fool.”

Knife Burger isn’t the only Dallas restaurant lining up to provide free or discounted food to federal employees impacted by the shutdown. According to GuideLive, Downtown taqueria Twisted Trompo will serve $1 tacos to those who can provide government ID “until the M.F. shutdown ends.”

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