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Chicken Fried Brisket Is Officially a Thing At This Garland Smokehouse

Diners are calling it “the most Texas meal ever”

Photo by Cary Hodson

Some argue that brisket is sacred, but a Garland smokehouse is shaking things up. Behold Intrinsic Smokehouse’s “chicken fried brisket,” aka a thick slice of oak-smoked brisket (three quarters of a pound to be exact) that’s then breaded in craft beer-infused batter. It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s served alongside fluffy mashed potatoes and smothered burnt end white gravy.

The restaurant just brought back this dish for good on Tuesdays, serving it from 5 p.m. to close or it sells out — and it’s going all in by branding itself as “Intrinsic: Home of the Chicken Fried Brisket.” Check out this video of how it all comes together, and how the idea began: turns out that Intrinsic’s owners believe chicken fried steak has “gotten too popular and mainstream” and this dish is their answer to that comfort food staple. No wonder one Intrinsic patron in the video dubs this “the most Texas meal ever.”