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Cult-Favorite Korean Dessert Cafe Sul & Beans Makes Its Texas Debut

The California-based chain, which specializes in shaved ice and dessert toasts, just opened in Frisco

Sul & Beans is now open at Frisco Ranch.
Sul & Beans [official photo]

California-based chain Sul & Beans just unveiled its first dessert cafe in Texas.

The 1,000-square-foot arrival, situated in NewQuest Properties’s Frisco Ranch development in Frisco, joins a sweets-heavy strip that includes SomiSomi Soft Serve & Taiyaki, T-Swirl Crepe and 85° C Bakery & Café at 9292 Warren Parkway.

The Korean cafe, born in 2014 in LA’s Koreatown, specializes in bingsoo (finely shaved dessert ice with sweet toppings) and dessert toasts topped with black sesame, matcha, and cinnamon. Coffee drinks, teas, juices, and smoothies are also on the menu, including new-to-DFW options like a sweet potato latte. The cult brand now has five modern stores sprinkled across California, with more en route to Texas.

Bingsoo flavors include strawberry, chocolate, yogurt berry, black sesame, and green tea. Bingsoo, which means snow in Korean, also resembles the fluffy, cold precipitation it’s named after. The menu also includes pastries, coffees, and other liquid offerings in the mix.

Sul  and Beans interior in Frisco
The cafe’s design draws inspiration from a hanok, a traditional Korean house.
Sul & Beans [official photo]