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Nominate the Best Dallas Restaurants of This Year for the 2019 Eater Awards

The 2019 Eater Awards are just a few months away, and we’re looking for Dallas’s finest dining establishments

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The 2019 Eater Awards are just around the corner, and we need your help in choosing the year’s best restaurants.

Every year, Eater publications across the country (and beyond!) recognize the best dining destinations, and for the first time ever, we’re opening up the nominations to our wildly knowledgeable readers in 2019. As such, consider this a call for nominations: we want to hear which new spots were the most important to you over the past year, and which establishments are helping to build Dallas’s reputation as a top-notch dining city.

To nominate the restaurants that you think deserve to be recognized in this year’s Eater Awards, let us know via this form by November 10. Be sure to tell us the name of your nominee, and why you think they should win. After all the nominations have been received, Eater editors will whittle down the list to five finalists, which will be announced on November 18 across three categories. As a note, each nominee must be a new restaurant that’s opened since October 2018, or a spot that saw major changes during the year.

2019 Eater Awards winners will be announced in December. In the meantime, fill out this form and let us hear those nominations.