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Spaghetti Warehouse Will Shutter Its Original West End Outpost After Nearly 50 Years

The O.G. location will close on Sunday, October 20

Lasagna at Spaghetti Warehouse.
Time to get your last lasagna fix at West End’s Spaghetti Warehouse.
Spaghetti Warehouse [official photo]

After nearly five decades of filling up West End diners on countless bowls of pasta, Spaghetti Warehouse will close its original location for good this weekend.

The restaurant’s last day of business in the evolving neighborhood will be Sunday, October 20 (1815 North Market).

“There are so many factors involved in making this decision,” director of operations Brad Morris told Dallas News. “There really isn’t one thing I can point to and say this is the reason why we’re shutting our doors.”

The chain’s flagship location, around since in 1972, stars an Italian-American menu of longtime hits like a 15-layer lasagna that takes three days to prepare and spaghetti with hand-rolled meatballs. Its remaining North Texas location in Arlington will stay open, according to a statement from the team, and no other locations are affected. A casual offshoot of the brand, called Warehouse 72, recently opened in Houston.

Interior at Spaghetti Warehouse
Spaghetti Warehouse’s location sported a charming, lived-in look.
Spaghetti Warehouse [official photo]

In a farewell email, the company also wrote:

“To our many guests and to everyone throughout the Dallas community, we say, thank you. We enjoyed serving you, your family and friends. And, it was our pleasure to celebrate your many birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.”

Nostalgic customers are encouraged to share comments about their favorite memories and meals on its Facebook page.