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Veggie-Obsessed Farmers Market Restaurant Will Shutter Next Month

Mudhen is set to officially bow out on Sunday, November 3

Mudhen might be a little too healthy Kathy Tran [EDFW]
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Early next month, veggie-obsessed restaurant Mudhen Meat and Greens will officially close its doors at the Dallas Farmers Market.

The restaurant will serve its final locally-grown salads and pastured meats on Sunday, November 3, according to a press release. Mudhen first opened its doors in 2016, bringing a health-focused eatery to the Farmers Market that sourced many of its ingredients from nearby vendors. Catering to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more specialized diets, the restaurant says that Mudhen was “not successful in attracting enough people to drive all the way down to the Farmers Market to eat.”

We know all too well that many places claim to be “healthful” but still cram sugar and oil into their recipes,” owner Shannon Wynne said in a statement. “We were among only a few restaurants in town cooking meats at temperatures less than 300 degrees to avoid carcinogens, but in the end not enough people really cared. Lesson learned the hard way.”

The restaurant says that it is currently working to find new jobs for Mudhen staff members at other Wynne-owned restaurants like Meddlesome Moth and Rodeo Goat.