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Intense Storms Damage Multiple Restaurants in North Dallas

Expect extended closures at some Preston Royal favorites

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Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

As severe storms and actual tornadoes ripped through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex last night, a number of restaurants in North Dallas and beyond sustained significant damage.

At Preston Royal eatery Princi Italia, diners were sent home in Ubers after trees fell on the cars of staff and patrons alike at the North Dallas restaurant. According to a representative for Princi Italia, no one was injured during the storms, but the restaurant sustained significant damage to its roof, windows, and patio. The rep described the roof at the front of the building as “demolished,” and at least one large tree on the patio as “unsalvageable.”

The rep also said that Princi Italia would try to open its doors tonight for dinner service if power is restored in time, but noted that it was a “slim possibility.”

Across the street, damage was equally devastating. In a Facebook post, beloved Chinese restaurant Royal China said that all of its employees and patrons are safe, but that the restaurant would remain closed until power can be restored. It’s on the opposite side of the shopping center that was most impacted by the storm, as seen in these photos taken by Dallas Morning News reporter Robert Wilonsky.

The Morning News also reported that Neighborhood Services and Fish City Grill were damaged and will be closed until further notice, while Asian Mint and Eatzi’s were mostly unscathed and are just waiting for the power to be restored.

According to a tweet from Central Market, the grocery store chain’s Preston Royal location took “significant” damage. “We are grateful to report no serious injuries were sustained inside the store,” the company said. “Unfortunately, our store experienced significant damage during the storm and will remain closed until clean-up and repairs can be completed.

Just across the Preston Royal Shopping Center at TJ’s Seafood, owner Jon Alexis says that his restaurant was one of the lucky ones. “It looks like a bomb went off at the intersection, but somehow the northeast corner was spared,” Alexis told Eater. “Besides having no power we have no damage. My car looks like it just got a wash, but cars 20 yards away look like they were tossed by the Hulk.” Despite lucking out, Alexis says he “can’t imagine the restaurant being open for a while” as the damage around his restaurant is extensive.

Eater has reached out to the restaurants in the area and will update this post as more details become available.