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Martin House Brewing’s Wildly Popular Pickle Beer Is Back For Good

The Fort Worth brewery is adding it to the year-round rotation

Cans of Martin House Brewing’s pickle beer
Dill pickle beer is back for good
Martin House Brewing Co./Facebook
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Earlier this year, Fort Worth brewery Martin House Brewing Company went viral after introducing a pickle-flavored beer, and after being sold-out for months, the Sour Pickle Beer is officially back.

The beer sold out within days of its original release in August, but a representative for Martin House Brewing tells Eater that it’s now available in a few stores across the metroplex. A Google map created by the brewery has pins in each of the locations where it can be purchased as of today, including Lone Star Taps and Caps in Fort Worth, Central Market in Southlake, and liquor stores and grocery stores in the Austin area. Expect new shops to be added daily in the coming weeks.

The rep also tells Eater that the Sour Pickle Beer, made in collaboration with Texas pickle producer Best Maid, is returning as a year-round option. “We will have trouble keeping up inventory at first,” the rep said. “But we should be back on track in a month after our new tanks go in.”

Martin House Brewing plans to update that Google map with new locations on a daily basis as deliveries are made. Don’t be surprised if it’s tough, at least initially, to get your hands on one of these pucker-producing six-packs.

Alright here we go! Please use this map ( when searching for 6packs of pickle beer. Be sure to...

Posted by Martin House Brewing Company on Tuesday, October 22, 2019