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Fort Worth’s Axe-Throwing Bar Can Now Serve Booze

Bad Axe Throwing just locked down a liquor license

The wood-lined setup at Fort Worth’s Bad Axe Throwing.
Bad Axe Throwing [official photo]

Fort Worth’s Bad Axe Throwing just locked down a liquor license, making it the only axe throwing facility in the area to serve alcohol and sharp objects in the same space.

Think throwing alcohol into the mix at the months-old location (1200 East Lancaster Avenue) is a bad idea? The company doesn’t: Most of its U.S. locations have liquor licenses, and it claims that zero accidents have occurred to date in any of its facilities. All of its axe throwing coaches double as trained bartenders. While other axe-throwing bars in DFW allow patrons to bring their own booze, Bad Axe Throwing will be the first in the area with the ability to actually serve alcoholic beverages to its axe-wielding patrons.

“This allows our patrons to be safe, ensure no one is intoxicated and allow our patrons to enjoy adult beverages with their friends/family,” says the company, in a statement.

Bad Axe Throwing claims the title of the largest urban axe throwing company in the world, sporting over 40 locations across Canada, U.S. and the U.K., with half a million customers a year participating in the group event craze.

The Fort Worth location is home to competitive leagues, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and team building events, all of which should welcome the booze news.