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Former Deep Ellum Bartender Indicted On Assault Charges Stemming From Brutal Attack

Video of the assault went viral on social media and inspired protests in the neighborhood

A mural that reads “Deep Ellum TX” Brandi Korte/Flickr
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On Thursday, former Deep Ellum bartender Austin Shuffield was indicted on four charges related to the brutal beating of a woman in the neighborhood earlier this year.

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Shuffield on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault causing bodily injury, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and obstruction, according to the Dallas Morning News. Those charges stem from a March assault in which Shuffield allegedly punched Dallas woman L’Daijohnique Lee in the face repeatedly while brandishing a gun.

Austin Shuffield’s mugshot
Austin Shuffield’s mugshot
Dallas County Sheriff’s Department [Official Photo]

An onlooker captured video of the brutal assault, which allegedly started over a parking-related dispute. After the video went viral on social media, protesters took to the streets to condemn the assault, and the fact that Shuffield was originally only charged with three misdemeanors. The protests forced High and Tight Barbershop, the Deep Ellum bar that Shuffield worked at, to close temporarily. Those protesters also took to Yelp and social media, accusing High and Tight Barbershop of knowingly hiring a “racist, violent misogynist.” Eventually, the Dallas County District Attorney’s office charged Shuffield with two felonies and two misdemeanors.

The outrage continued when the Dallas Police Department alleged that Lee damaged Shuffield’s truck at some point after she was punched, and issued an arrest warrant charging her with criminal mischief. Shortly after the arrest warrant was issued, the District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute Lee, and the warrant was recalled.

A trial date for Shuffield has not yet been set. In a statement provided to the Morning News, Shuffield’s attorneys said that they were “disappointed” with the grand jury’s decision.