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One of NYC’s Best Noodle Shops Appears to Be Moving to Plano

Signage is up for Uncle Zhou’s hand-pulled noodles

Hand-pulled noodles in broth topped with beef and cilantro
Uncle Zhou’s noodles
Photo via Foursquare

A New York City shop beloved for its hand-pulled noodles appears to have jumped ship for Texas. Eater New York reported back in January 2018 that Queens favorite Uncle Zhou shuttered its Elmhurst location. The restaurant devoted to traditional Chinese Henan cuisine opened in 2011 and earned food critics raves over its “dial oil” noodles flavored with garlic, vinegar, and hot oil.

The speculation at the time was that Uncle Zhou would move to Manhattan. But an Eater Dallas tipster just spotted signage for the restaurant in Plano a few days ago. It’s currently in the window of 8200 Preston Rd #110, per the tipster. That’s the formal home of Minato Ramen and Izakaya, now reported as closed on Yelp.

Check out Uncle Zhou’s “coming soon” signage:

Signage in Uncle Zhou’s window
Signage in Uncle Zhou’s window

A website called Uncle reads: “The Uncle Zhou restaurant (previous in Queens, NY) will come to Plano, TX soon, with a better environment as well as more better traditional food of Chinese Henan Flavor. We will announce the grand opening here in the coming days. Looking forward to your visiting!”