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Try Cheesy Bacon Pepper Rice at Plano’s New Sizzling Skillet Spot

Sizzlelit serves up wings, rice skillets, and more

Photo: Sizzleit/Instagram

A new Asian-American restaurant in Plano is devoted to smoking, sizzling skillets. Sizzleit moved into 1820 Coit Road, Suite 138 in Plano, with an opening day of December 7.

Diners can customize their own hot plates, or go with a skillet dreamed up by Sizzleit — as in “The Classic” beef pepper rice with slices of Angus ribeye beef, corn, green onions, and garlic butter. There’s also a “cheesy baconator” skillet with bacon and mozzarella or a tofu and veggie pepper rice skillet for vegetarians.

The menu’s been iterating since Sizzleit’s opening, adding new options like wings. The restaurant boasts that it uses local Texas ingredients in its dishes.

Check out the menu for Sizzleit’s hot plates below (the restaurant also offers dishes like udon, firecracker shrimp rolls, and fries):