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The interior at Bar Charles

Step Inside Bar Charles, the Design District’s Decidedly Over-the-Top New Cocktail Den

The doors at this ‘maximalist’ drinking destination open next week

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Bar Charles, a swanky new addition to popular Italian eatery the Charles, is officially set to kick open the doors next week.

The new bar, located in a 1,700 square foot space that’s located behind the Charles’s main dining room, is described by its owners as a “testament to maximalism.” Designed by Sees Design and William Baker, the space is packed with indulgent Italian influenced-pieces, including plush velvet seating, bubble lamps designed by George Nelson, and a sophisticated antique fireplace.

“The overall inspiration was an imaginary estranged grandchild of the Missioni family who still respected the history of their Italian heritage and her family’s aesthetic but was just a little more wild or rogue than was considered acceptable,” owner Chas Martin tells Eater. In addition to the bar space, there’s also a private dining room that can be booked for special occasions and events.

Velvet seating and bubble lamps

The walls of the space are adorned with a truly fascinating selection of prints, including “anatomy” wallpaper near the bathroom that features “T&A” prints from the owners’s wives that were created by imprinting actual paintings of their body parts onto watercolor paper, then digitally rendering them into a wallpaper pattern. Elsewhere in the space, you’ll find a custom mural that was taken from a page of a book on archival Italian prints, and a faux bois marble painting adapted by local artist D.H. Phillips.

Wallpaper at Bar Charles imprinted with “anatomy”
The infamous “T&A” wallpaper
private dining room at Bar Charles
Verdant wallpaper in the private dining room

As far as the libations are concerned, Bar Charles will serve a distinct menu of cocktails and champagnes, along with sophisticated bar eats like Royal Osetra caviar and octopus tempura served with Calabrian chili aioli. It’s intended to be a happy hour destination, or spot to sip a cocktail or glass of Italian wine before (or after!) hitting the Charles for dinner.

Bar Charles will officially kick open the doors on December 10. Ahead of its debut, scope out photos of the new space courtesy of Eater photographer Garrett Hall.

Bar at Bar Charles Garrett Hall/EDFW
Seating at Bar Charles
The private dining room at Bar Charles is a narrow room with printed wallpaper and large table that seats a dozen.
The private dining room
The Charles

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