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Bowls & Tacos Closes In Deep Ellum

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“We fought hard,” owner Sam Wynne wrote on Facebook

Blows & Tacos/Facebook

Deep Ellum is down a taco/poke bowl shop. The aptly named Bowls & Tacos served its last carne asada tacos and Texas poke bowls over the weekend, announcing its closure on Facebook. The restaurant opened in the spring of 2017 with a menu developed by Braindead Brewing chef David Pena.

“It’s official, I just worked my last Saturday shift at Bowls & Tacos,” owner Sam Wynne wrote on Facebook. “We fought hard, but good food made and served by a good crew with free parking in Deep Ellum can only get you so far.”

In the lengthy post, Wynne shouted out his employees, investors, supporters, his fiancée, and Bowls & Taco super fans. “I swear 60% of our business was the same 20 people. I’m sorry you have to find a new place now,” he wrote.

Bowls & Tacos shared space with new vegan bakery Sugar Fang, known for its signature “skullette” cakes. “Sugar Fang Vegan Bakery is going to live on, but most likely through BrainDead,” Wynn clarified.