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SomiSomi Is Officially Bringing Ice Cream-Stuffed Pastries to Frisco Ranch

Taiyaki is en route

A fish-shaped cone with soft serve ice cream inside SomiSomi/Facebook

It’s official: California dessert shop SomiSomi is bringing its soft serve-filled taiyaki, or fish-shaped ice cream cones, to Frisco’s new Frisco Ranch development. The news broke in September via leasing documents, but now SomiSomi’s confirmed the Dallas expansion by listing Frisco Ranch as “coming soon” on its list of locations. The address of the outpost will be 9292 Warren Parkway, Suite 260 in Frisco.

The ice cream shop serves Korean-inspired soft serve in flavors like matcha, milk tea, Oreo, black sesame, ube, and more. Choose which flavors to swirl together in a filling, than pick out a fish-shaped ice cream cone in flavors like Nutella, custard, or red bean, and top with fruit, Fruity Pebbles or more fun, photogenic toppings. Stay tuned for an official date for the SomiSomi in Frisco Ranch.